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Market Analysis

With an understanding of the attitudes and behaviors of the market, you can uncover and track trends, and then anticipate the market’s needs. Whether you are a start-up launching your first product, or a successful business trying to establish priorities for product development, market analysis is vital. This is a critical input to the business planning process.

Erickson Market Research’s market analysis provides rich insight into the attitudes and behaviors of the market. The qualitative and quantitative research studies we perform answer your critical questions such as:

  • How big is the market?
  • What are current usage patterns and brand share in the market?
  • Does the market perceive a need for the product?
  • How does the market currently meet a need?

We provide much more than a simple snapshot of the market. Our strategy-driven research digs beneath the surface, uncovering linkages between behaviors and motivations. Our constant focus is on providing actionable insight to support your business decisions.

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