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Data Analysis

Limited budget but still need market insights for your team?  Use the market research data you already have.

There is a goldmine of information in the survey data sets that are sitting on your hard drive right now – and only a fraction of it has been leveraged into information that can help your marketing team succeed.

There’s one small problem, though…

Extracting that insight requires someone who understands research,  statistical analysis  and marketing issues – and has the bandwidth to devote the level of attention needed to get it right.

Let us help you...

We’ve been finding incredibly valuable nuggets in big, complex quantitative datasets for nearly 20 years. Now more than ever, you need to uncover and use every last bit of market intelligence you can find, and we’re just the resource to help you do it.

Here’s what our data analysis program can do for you:

  • Give you answers fast. The most time consuming part of any project is the data collection. Since that’s already been done, it’s not unusual to deliver results in just a few weeks – sometimes less.
  • Save you money. We’ve created user-friendly, actionable market segmentation structures from our clients’ existing datasets for about 10 times less than the cost of investing in a new study.
  • Give you a more robust picture of your market. We can examine more than one dataset, delivering a global view that any of the datasets individually simply can’t.
  • Increase the return on new research. Spending some time examining what you already know makes new research more focused and more efficient, increasing the return on your investment.

As great as this sounds, it isn’t going to work with every dataset or for every research question. That’s why we’ll take a look at your objectives and data before you commit to anything. If it can’t be done, we’ll tell you, usually within a day or two. And the evaluation won’t cost you a dime.

To cost-effectively gain the market insight you need, call Erickson Research today.


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