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Find the Right People

Our team of marketing, research, and business experts help you pinpoint the buyers whose needs fit with your product or service and represent a sizable enough market to be lucrative.

We are highly skilled at getting into the minds of buyers. And while we know it’s important to listen to what they say, it’s often what they don’t say that speaks volumes.

We aim to get a closer view and uncover what they need, even when they can’t quite articulate it.

That’s why observing their behaviors, watching them go through their ordinary routines and identifying the gaps — areas where things can be improved or tasks can be made easier — is so valuable.

This can also provide a clear view of the range of product usage scenarios.

By continuously researching how people interact with products and services, the one thing we’ve learned to expect is that someone has come up with a usage scenario that never occurred to anyone at the company.

Sometimes that flash of insight is what lights the path to a whole new consumption occasion.

When we put this all together, we create a rich, nuanced picture of the person who needs your product — What they look like. What matters to them. Where they shop.

We make sure you know your target buyer inside and out.

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