We identify new market and product opportunities to help companies grow.
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We help uncover viable market growth opportunities.

Our team of experts has spent decades understanding what makes people do what they do and then connecting that to our clients' value proposition. Our work hands you the roadmap, showing what you need to offer, to whom, and at what price.

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We don't just draw the dots on the page. We connect them.

Our deliverables are focused on telling the story in the data. We are experts at sifting through huge data sets, complex statistics and consumer conversations and translating it all into something you can truly understand and act on.

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We're a team of experienced, hands-on professionals.

We view our projects as a group effort, regardless of team member seniority. From our junior to most senior people, we are passionate about teamwork, knowledge-sharing, and providing the best resources to serve your needs and deliver useful insight.

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Our approach is custom designed to address your specific issues.

We won't do cookie-cutter research or use proprietary methods. We will recommend and implement a research program that is specifically designed to get the insight you need...and within your budget and time constraints.

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From our blog

Marketing Analytics is not a Strategy

In “Tesco’s Downfall Is a Warning to Data-Driven Retailers,” Michael Schrage links Tesco’s problems to a reliance on research and analytics. He suggested that they are no match for a strategy of slightly lower prices in the retail ...

5 Ways Mariano’s is Keeping Shoppers Engaged and Excited

Ahhh, Mariano’s…you’ve made grocery shopping so fun. For readers in other markets – East and West coasts – you may not be aware but Mariano’s (Roundy’s Supermarkets) is shaking up the grocery retail space in Chicago. Mariano’s has been expanding … ...

From our clients

Erickson Research’s strategic thinking and consumer acumen make them an outstanding partner. They not only have the ability to stay on top of all of the important details so I didn’t have to, but at the same time stayed out of the weeds and identified strategic insights and made sound data-driven recommendations that were actionable for my businesses.

Senior Brand Director - Food & Beverage Manufacturer

Erickson Research helped us better understand our audience with a great combination of strategic thinking and innovative techniques. The high quality insights and data generated from our segmentation study will continue to provide value to the brand team over time.

Strategic Insights Manager - Media Company

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