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Technology Marketers Take Note: Four Things You Must Know For Product Messaging Success

executive“As a person that’s embedded in the technology industry, particularly in this subject matter, that’s intuitive. I’d rather it say something that tells me what it actually does.”  – VP of Information Systems, Medical Device Technology Company

“A good word to use is X. When people in our industry talk, they talk about X.”  – Director of Global Standards, Fortune 500 Pharmaceutical Technology Company

“Those are all very general terms. I don’t even know what this one means. You want to use the latest and greatest terms that attract people and X is that term.”
– VP, Chief Supply Chain Office, Global Pharmaceutical Technology Company

These are the types of comments we heard directly from business decision-makers recently when they read descriptions of a new technology product.

This feedback was invaluable to our client. It allowed them to appropriately refine their messaging to…

  • Better engage key decision-makers in their language
  • Provide content that’s relevant and tells them something new

What we’ve learned from countless hours of speaking to business decision-makers in the technology industry…

  1. Talk to them before your communications team writes or designs anything – We are certainly big proponents of doing something to test new communication pieces before launching them. However, why not integrate the market’s needs and preferences from the start? This will likely save you time and create greater efficiency for your team.
  2. They have limited time, are harder to engage and just want the facts – so be less fluffy and more specific in conveying what your product or service does.
  3. Speaking their language enhances credibility – your company’s internal terminology may not be the same as theirs. Using the right words in your communication with them will help demonstrate you have the expertise and knowledge they require.
  4. It’s worth the time and money to talk to them directly, one-on-one – directional feedback on product messaging can be incredibly informative. In-depth interviews can provide rich insights to hone your communication efforts and make them more effective.

Follow these guidelines and you’ll be one step ahead of your competitors who are probing their own minds in internal meetings rather than reaching out to the people whose input really matters – your buyers.

Here’s another recent example of the value of one-on-one interviews where having us speak to our client’s customers, directly, literally saved them from losing business.



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