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Smarter Marketer Series — Part I: Relieve Consumer ‘Pain Points’

Sometimes it’s about solving the little problems – the irksome inconveniences that make customers uncomfortable or distressed. Why not be the timely hero who swoops in and obliterates the ‘bee in their bonnet’?

Simple Solution to a Consumer Pet Peeve

I hate opening bags of rice and then trying to figure out the best way to seal and store them.

Do I use tape? A rubber band? One of those snack clips that’s typically meant for a bag of chips? Or do I dump the whole thing into a plastic container (which rids me of the bag and, ultimately, my cooking directions and nutrition information).

None of these options seem ideal.

Then recently — luckily — I opened a brand new bag of Lundberg rice. Finally, my prayers were answered. This updated packaging had the most amazing, easy to seal, Velcro–like closure at the top.

No mess, no sticky strip that eventually stops sticking. Even better, this clever closure was more akin to tiny, perfectly-aligned, interlocking plastic teeth – versus the other kind of Velcro that basically serves as a collector of wayward lint and fuzz.

Clearly Lundberg had done their homework — discovering a common rice lovers’ problem and creating a simple solution. As a result, they set themselves apart from the competition – which is even more crucial with commodity-type products in a sea of brands.

Discover more tactics to effectively reach your target customers. Check back soon for two more installments of this series. More great tips to come.

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