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We’ve worked extensively in the technology industry – on both B2B and consumer focused research initiatives.  Our experience has shown us, first hand, just how fast this market moves and how this affects our clients’ marketing efforts much differently than in other industries.

Our ability to ‘speak the language’ of both business decision makers and general consumers, combined with our keen understanding of tech marketers’ issues, allows us to tailor the research and focus efforts where they will deliver the greatest value.

When dealing with complex technical market offerings and sophisticated technical buyers, having a good understanding of marketing isn’t enough.  That’s why our Technology practice leader has an engineering and coding background. That means you don’t have to waste time and energy educating your research partner on basic technical terms and concepts.  It also means that we can ask better questions of your customers and provide more useful insight to your technical product teams.

Here are some examples of how we’ve assisted marketers in the technology industry:

  • Understanding PC/Laptop buyers’ path to purchase for maximizing point-of-sale executions
  • Assessing software users’ needs in order to provide more relevant features and benefits
  • Investigating product line growth opportunities and creating valuable metrics for an electronics manufacturer
  • Identifying key issues with a wireless providers’ website that were negatively affecting customer satisfaction as well as uncovering ways to better serve customers with their online ‘help’ feature
  • Effectively segmenting the two-way radio market on user needs and prioritizing product development initiatives
  • Producing a clear strategy for a hardware manufacturer’s new bundled product offering and establishing appropriate pricing levels
  • Creating a map of the supply chain to increase a manufacturer’s understanding of product flow from manufacturer to end user and profiling the decision process along each path to the end user
  • Evaluating brand perceptions of cloud service providers to identify opportunities for differentiation and competitive advantage
  • Providing a multinational engineering and electronics company with in-depth analysis of a potential new market opportunity
  • Helping a major software company better understand emerging needs to hone product messaging aimed at business-decision makers

See more of our technology research experience by reviewing some brief case examples, or contact us to discuss your needs.