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Shopper Insights

As household demographics, distribution channels and outlets change, so do the dynamics of shopping.

This is further complicated by more and more consumer-to-consumer information sharing as well as shopper differences that exist by geography (even locally). Not to mention the growing usage of mobile technology and proliferation of social media.  Shopping assisted by smartphones and tablets — both at home and in store — has revolutionized the retail space.

And while metrics like frequency of use, preference and attitudes about products are important to know, there are deeper motivations that need to be uncovered. In other words, what really happens at the shopper level?

The Shopper Insights experts at Erickson Research have helped many companies answer this question.

We’ve been in shoppers’ homes as they prepare to go on their trip.  We’ve tagged along with shoppers, in-store, skillfully observing and talking with them — one-on-one or in groups — to intimately understand their path to purchase.

This immersive approach has helped us provide actionable, shopper-specific strategies to both manufacturers and retailers.

We know the needs of a manufacturer’s field sales person is very different from a retailer’s digital marketing team. We make sure that our research speaks to all of the stakeholders – in their language – so that effective strategies can be quickly disseminated and implemented.

Here are a few examples of how we have worked with our clients on shopper strategies:

  • Better engaging Moms with in-store displays
  • Creating tactics to build a stronger relationship between a CPG company and a major supermarket chain through shopper engagement
  • Improving effectiveness of new merchandising displays to showcase a major chocolate manufacturer’s brand amongst competitive offerings
  • Informing key POS efforts to better appeal to marketplace targets, motivate purchase and build brand position
  • Uncovering key elements and best locations for a ‘shopper experience’ exhibit that improved awareness for a boutique brand
  • Identifying target males and gaining their interest in a new undergarment product concept
  • Understanding how dog owners shop for dog treats to optimize shelf communications around key benefits
  • Determining the most effective way to target baby products shoppers (both expectant moms and those buying gifts)
  • Identifying key changes in shoppers’ seasonal purchase behaviors across sectors and distribution channels
  • Understanding emotional motivations in purchasing yoga equipment to better appeal to yoga enthusiasts

See more of our Shopper Insight experience by reviewing some brief case examples, or contact us to discuss your needs.