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USDA FAS Market Access Program and Emerging Market Program

Opening and expanding export markets for US agricultural products is a significant growth opportunity for American producers. The funding available through the USDA Foreign Agricultural Service Market Access Program (MAP) and the Emerging Market Program (EMP) is a very valuable mechanism to support your efforts.

Erickson Research can help you at every stage of the process, from preliminary market assessments all the way through evaluation of marketing program performance.

Market Assessment

Understanding the potential of a new export market is a critical first step in the planning process and for development of your FAS funding applications and UES documents. Erickson Research has the skill and experience to look at potential markets from all angles; political and trade issues, infrastructure, wholesale and retail trade, and the consumer. The result of our market evaluation is a comprehensive view of the potential of an export market.

Marketing Planning

The success or failure of just about every marketing and promotional effort is determined before the first ad is ever produced or the first trade event is held. A deep understanding of consumer and/or trade behaviors and attitudes is an absolute requirement for creating promotional messages and events that work. Erickson Research has a long history of getting into the heads of consumers and business decision-makers to really understand what they do, why they do it, and what they believe. From this insight comes not only a clear road map of what messages and actions are most likely to be successful, but also clear direction on who you should be saying those things to.

Marketing Evaluation

Evaluating performance and using the new information to course correct where necessary is critical to ongoing success in a market. It is also essential to go beyond basic measures like awareness, favorability, and trial. While these metrics are important and necessary, they are not sufficient to provide actionable insight. Erickson Research has vast experience getting behind the metrics like awareness, favorability, and trial to understand why they are increasing, decreasing, or holding steady. It is the ‘why’ that tells you what needs to be done to get where you want to be.

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