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Grow Your Food and Beverage Business

At Erickson Research, we find viable market opportunities for the food and beverage industry.

Our team of experts has spent decades understanding food and beverage buyer behavior. This information helps to create highly targeted, relevant and meaningful value propositions our clients can offer to the market.

Discovering great opportunities in the food and beverage industry means answering three critical questions:

  • Who most needs or wants your food/beverage product, ingredient or food service? (ex: moms, active individuals, foodies, health-conscious, etc.)
  • What types of benefits do they require your offering to deliver? (ex:  health/wellness, satiety, organic, convenience, energy boost, etc.)
  • Where and when is the most effective reach them when they’re ready to buy? (ex: daypart, store type, occasion, etc.)

We’ve successfully helped our food and beverage clients answer these questions. Here are a few examples of our work:

Refining Product Messaging

A food trade organization needed to understand sweet potato consumption habits, beliefs about sweet potatoes, and barriers to increased purchase among consumers. Our research provided them with a clear picture of how and how often sweet potatoes are eaten, as well as common beliefs about sweet potatoes. The information provided critical guidance to the their communication strategy.

Improving Brand Positioning

A chocolate manufacturer’s brand was underperforming in Canada. Our in-depth market analysis revealed a mismatch between consumer consumption drivers and our client’s positioning. The results of this work provided clear, actionable direction for re-positioning the brand.

Fulfilling Unmet Needs

A food additives manufacturer wanted to assess the needs of food scientists regarding enhancements that manipulate product texture. Our research uncovered important challenges that food scientists’ experienced and their efforts to overcome them. This information gave our client a clear picture of key unmet needs, as well as the market’s perception of their brand’s ability to address them. The information supported both product development efforts and messaging.

Capitalizing on Usage Occasions

A global premium spirits company had invested heavily in developing a market segmentation for its liquor brands, but was having difficulty translating the work into actionable market intelligence. We re-examined the data that had been collected previously and created a new segmentation scheme. Using behavioral data that had been collected — but not used – we created a usage-occasion based segmentation scheme that provided clear direction for positioning and messaging.

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