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Food and Beverage Insights

At Erickson Research, we understand that as household demographics, distribution channels and outlets change, so do the dynamics of food and beverage shopping.

The increase in consumer-to-consumer information sharing as well as shopper behaviors that differ by geography (even by neighborhood), add more complexity to understanding food and beverage buyers.

While it’s important to measure frequency of use, preference and attitudes about food and beverage products, there are deeper motivations that need to be uncovered. In other words, what really happens at the shopper level?

The Food & Beverage Insights experts at Erickson Research have helped many food and beverage companies find the answer.

We’ve been in shoppers’ homes as they prepare to go grocery shopping. We’ve joined them, in-store, skillfully observing and talking with them — one-on-one or in groups — to intimately understand their path to purchase. This immersive approach has helped us provide actionable, shopper-specific strategies for food and beverage manufacturers and retailers.

Here are a few examples of how we have worked with food and beverage clients on their shopper strategies:

  • Optimizing in-store snack displays to better engage Moms
  • Finding the ideal new package design for a beverage company’s value brand — resulting in a significant awareness boost in the retail environment
  • Creating tactics to build a stronger relationship between a CPG company and a major supermarket chain through shopper engagement
  • Improving effectiveness of new merchandising displays to showcase a major chocolate manufacturer’s brand amongst competitive offerings
  • Developing a successful regional, snack foods marketing strategy aimed at warehouse club shoppers

See more of our Food & Beverage Insights industry experience by reviewing some brief case examples, or contact us to discuss your needs.