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Helping B2B marketers understand their markets has been a key focus of Erickson Research for as long as we’ve been in business – and a key focus of our principals for over a decade before that.  As a result, we know how to get the critical intelligence B2B marketers need.

Understanding business markets is not the same as understanding consumers.  And truly recognizing the differences is key to helping B2B marketers get the answers they seek.

In comparison to the consumer sector, B2B marketing…

  • Is largely more ‘rational’ than ‘emotional’
  • Requires much more ‘factual’ information to establish seller credibility and buyer interest
  • Involves more purchase decision-makers

Understanding marketplace characteristics like these and designing research accordingly is imperative to success.

In addition, talking with B2B decision-makers requires a much different approach.  The ability to engage top-level executives and extract the insights our clients require is a skill we’ve mastered in the thousands of one-on-one interviews we’ve personally conducted.

For nearly 20 years, we’ve helped B2B companies solve problems like these:

  • Would our buyers be willing to pay a premium for certified sustainable paper products?
  • What’s important to companies that rent our equipment and are we meeting those needs?
  • What challenges do food manufacturers face when it comes to manipulating product texture?
  • How is our accounting firm perceived relative to the Big 3?
  • Are we approaching our market in the right way (by vertical)?  Or should we target them by their communication needs?
  • How do C-Suite executives view our professional services firm?  Will this change over time?
  • Is a ‘bundled’ product more appealing to IT decision-makers than a-la-carte options?
  • What concerns do companies have about cloud-based data storage?
  • Will offering a new feature hurt our relationships with channel partners?
  • Does the market consider us a viable provider of energy management systems?
  • Which new B2B markets might be a good fit for our current product line?

See more of our B2B research experience by reviewing some brief case examples, or contact us to discuss your needs.

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