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Random Sampling: Our Weekly Roundup of Ideas to Grow By

SurroundedWe’re always following companies and looking for interesting approaches to market growth and building brands. Every Friday we pick our recent favorites to share with you.

We spend a lot of time talking to our clients’ customers and sales people to help uncover problem areas.  It’s crucial to your company’s growth to find out: (1) are your sales people adequately servicing your customers? (2) is your company giving them the necessary training/resources to do so?  This article offers compelling examples of why this area of your business needs your attention:  Are You Paying Enough Attention to Your Sales Force?

Yet another great reminder of why shopper insights research is a must-have for retailers: Understanding the Stages of Retail

Okay, this new product is a little morbid…but consumers’ unmet needs (a.k.a. business growth opportunities) are all around us, waiting to be found. And sometimes that requires delving into more sensitive topics. Google Releases Tool to Deal With Your Data After Death

These firms successfully created growth opportunities using some of the techniques we covered in a recent post.  Find out…Why the Future of Innovation is in Ideas, Not Products.


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