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Random Sampling: Our Weekly Roundup of Ideas to Grow By

SurroundedWe’re always following companies and looking for interesting approaches to market growth and building brands.  Every Friday we pick our recent favorites to share with you.

Take a look…and be inspired…

Netflix’s growth strategy of creating original content may be expensive, short term. But over time, it provides two winning benefits: greater autonomy (less reliance on overpriced outside sources) and addictive, exclusive programming — a great loyalty builder):
The Economics of Netflix’s $100 Million New Show

Many consumers are ‘being consumed’ by their mobile devices.  And this software company (and their clients) are capitalizing on it.  Behold the power of in-store mobile engagement:
America’s Most Promising Company Is Redefining Mobile: Meet 3Cinteractive

Providing customers with a complete solution is a great growth technique and another smart loyalty builder:
AT&T to launch Digital Life in 15 markets, hopes to enter home automation field

Mobile technology and social media are allowing national and global brands to cater to consumer needs at the local level.  A clever approach to drive engagement and loyalty:
7-Eleven, Home Depot and JCPenney take mobile, social efforts to the next level

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