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Random Sampling: Our Weekly Roundup of Ideas to Grow By

SurroundedWe’re always following companies and looking for interesting approaches to market growth and building brands.  Every Friday we pick our recent favorites to share with you.

Take a look…and be inspired…

Great insight on why ‘big data’ mining software isn’t a viable replacement for a keen analytic mind.  Ultimately, methodologists must evolve..not disappear:
Are Methodologists Becoming Irrelevant?

IKEA’s new in-store app both inspires shoppers and gives bricks-and-mortar retailers added value:
IKEA Plunges Further Into Mobile With Shopping Companion App

Excellent perspective on the nature of insights. Might even change your approach and help you get closer to your target:
Five Ideas to Improve Your Insight Development

Mobile phones could be stealing your customers’ attention, in-store, even more than your competitors.  Understanding this shopper behavior and finding alternative points of engagement are becoming increasingly crucial to brand survival:
Shoppers’ “Mobile Blinders” Force Checkout-Aisle Changes


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  1. Justine,
    Thanks a lot for your kind words and for including my latest post on C3Centricity in your roundup. We really appreciate your support in getting the word out about insight development and customer centricity in general.
    I have become an avid follower of Erickson Research now.

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