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B2B Buyers
A lot of time, money, and effort goes into your sales and marketing campaigns aimed at B2B buyers. But are you saying and doing the right things to close the sale?

From thousands of in-depth interviews with senior B2B decision-makers, we’ve identified five things that really matter to B2B buyers. These are issues that we’ve seen in every sector from office products to network infrastructure – and from the purchasing department to the C-Suite.

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So what things do B2B buyers care about?  Here’s one of them…

“Just tell me what it actually does.” B2B buyers aren’t impressed with product descriptions that are loaded with fluffy language and jargon. It doesn’t help them with their purchase decision. Instead, it mostly just causes confusion and makes them question the knowledge and integrity of the seller.

Download the full report for more on this topic (and four others you need to know). We’ll also share steps you can take to increase the effectiveness of your sales and marketing efforts.

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