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Shopper Insights

Traditionally, consumer research has been focused on consumer insights. But at Erickson Research, we understand that the consumer is not always the shopper.

We know that while metrics like frequency of use, preference and attitudes about products are important, there are deeper shopper motivations that need to be uncovered. In other words, what really happens during this metamorphosis from consumer to shopper?

We can help you find out.

We understand that as household demographics, distributions channels and outlets change, so do the dynamics of shopping. This is further complicated by more and more consumer-to-consumer information sharing as well as shopper differences that exist by geography (yes, even locally).

There are so many variables at play. Someone needs to be able to measure, observe, immerse and sift through all of it to provide you with the most important details of what goes on at the shopper level.

We are up for the challenge.

Whether you are a manufacturer or a retailer, if you’re looking for more than just consumer insights and truly want actionable shopper-specific strategies you can really implement, contact us today.

Please review some of our shopper insights case studies.