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Qualitative Research

Of course we can give you a laundry list of qualitative methods (focus groups, in-depth interviews, ethnographies, etc.) and tell you we do them all (because we do…and so do a lot of other companies).

We can also give these methods a lot of fancy sounding names (but we won’t).  Because at the heart of it, what really matters is that you get the information you need in a way that you can really use it.

And in qualitative research, your greatest tool for success is an experienced, highly-skilled moderator.

Specifically, someone who…

  • Can relate to all types of people in a genuine, likeable way (whether they’re talking to stay-at-home moms, factory foremen or CFOs)
  • Will make their presence known when necessary to keep conversations meaningful and on-topic
  • Or seamlessly blend into their surroundings and be a keen observer

We can tell you (proudly and emphatically) that we have these moderators at Erickson Research. They love what they do and are always finding creative ways to dig up the ‘whys’ that your team is waiting for.

Let us be that objective third party that skillfully probes the minds of your key customers and emerges with lots of juicy insights.

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