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How does social media mining compare to focus groups?

On Wednesday, May 26th, I’ll be one of the speakers at Peanut Labs‘ webinar on qualitative research using social media.  I’ll be publicly unveiling some exciting research we’ve done comparing traditional focus groups to social media mining.

Lots of people, including me, have been up on our soapboxes for a while now spouting off on all sides of the social media in research debate.  The problem with the debate so far is that it’s been long on opinion and short on evidence.

That’s about to change.

Thinking about how to use social media in your research?  Register for the webinar here.

My portion of the webinar is only 7 minutes, so this will be a high level overview of the results.  I’ll post a more detailed description on this blog next week.  You can get the RSS feed here.

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