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Justine Erickson


Partner, Qualitative Lead

Justine Erickson enjoys probing the minds of consumers and professionals and figuring out the ‘why’ behind the numbers. However, her research career began, quantitatively, nearly two decades ago in advertising research, managing global tracking and copy testing studies.

She then moved into the world of custom research, conducting all manner of quantitative and qualitative research initiatives from market segmentation and brand studies to in-depth interviews and ethnography.

It didn’t take long for Justine to realize she had a real knack for talking to people and getting them to reveal their innermost thoughts and deepest motivations. She feels passionate about her one-on-one experiences with respondents and is just as comfortable talking to moms as she is with C-suite execs.

At Erickson Research, Justine is primarily responsible for qualitative research efforts but can still be found rolling up her sleeves with the team and digging into the numbers.  She holds a BS in Marketing from Southern CT State University and is a former President and Programming Director of the American Marketing Association, CT chapter.

Justine is an avid writer and enjoys sharing her personal essays on the ‘Live Lit’ scene in Chicago. She is also an extreme animal lover and is first in line for any opportunity to bond with dogs, horses, birds, ocean creatures, etc…the more up close and personal, the better.


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