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3 Great Reasons to Gamify Your Research Findings (In Addition to Impressing Your Boss)

Market research is undeniably useful. However, it can be challenging to really ‘drive home’ the important takeaways to your organization. That’s why gamification is here to kick things up a little and perhaps make this practice a little more playful.

There are many ways to “gamify”. One approach is as simple as turning research findings into a short quiz game you can share with your colleagues.

Why gamify?
Dave Gray, author of Gamestorming, contends that games are great for “flattening hierarchy, increasing engagement, and just generally speeding things up.” Gray also credits game playing with, “making it easier for people to share their work and the excitement they have for it.”

We couldn’t agree more. That’s why we invite you to give gamification a try and in turn you’ll be more likely to…

1. Engage your team –People are busy and in many cases, over stimulated. It’s getting harder and harder to get them to pay attention. Highly-detailed, dense documents often get cast aside because no one has time to read them. Think about it. How often do you find yourself asking others for the “Cliff Notes version”?

2. Create excitement –Wouldn’t your internal staff be more motivated to get involved if they knew something fun was in store for them? Games are exciting…especially those with rewards. What about offering a prize for those who get the most correct answers? It can be as simple as a whimsical ‘certificate of achievement.’ (Then again, everyone loves gift cards.)

3. Spark creativity – What a great way to get your team thinking beyond boundaries. Game playing is well-known for opening the mind to creative expressions. According to famous designer Charles Eames (you can thank him for those comfy Herman Miller chairs), “Toys and games are preludes to serious ideas.”

So how does it work?
The quiz can be customized to your preference. You can go more traditional with multiple-choice questions or get interactive and allow quiz takers to perform tasks (such as ‘dragging and dropping’ words or images).

We invite you to collaborate with us to produce a quiz that best suits your team.

Here’s an example. Click here to give it a try.


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